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UPDATE: Free Classifieds

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I just wanted to remind everyone that over at Maine Hunting Today, we have a Classified Ad section that is absolutey free to use. Just register and you control the ad. You can put one up or take it down as you please. A reminder though that all unattended ads expire after 30 days.

Got some to sell or looking for something to buy?
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Yea, all ads will expire after 30 days but you will receive an email notification a few days prior to remind you, in case you want to keep it up longer.
Anybody have anything to sell?
Anybody looking for something?

Check out the classifieds.... Come on guys, ya got to want to gid rid of something????
OK guys, I just tried to log in and had to try to register. I got this message:

The length of the form field "Password" must be maximum 32

What does this mean? I couldn't list a rifle I want to sell or trade.
We're workin on it!
I have to ask... Did you try registering with a password over 32 characters long??

Probably not, but I had to ask... :wink:
Classifieds still aren't working...I still get this,

The length of the form field "Password" must be maximum 32

I'd like to list a gun for sale.

I can't figure out what is wrong with that script. I think I will be replacing that classifieds area with a new and improved, and different classifieds layout all together.

For now list it down in the buy, sell, trade, forum until I can get up a new classifieds section.

The current script was free and cheap and had too many issues. I'll get a new one. :wink:

We have a new classifieds section. Head on over and check it out. If you think we need more categories please let us know and we can add them.

Enjoy!! :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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