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  1. I hate how the main stream media won't show the good stuff happening in Iraq. They want to make the US out to be some terrible evil regime. In response I will post some pictures of things really happening over there:



  2. That's great, BUT, there are some idiot soldiers over there who are blowing up washing machines and such, shooting up cars and all kinds of stupid stuff. There will be a bunch of GI's coming home and whining about all the problems this war has caused them.

    My opinion is that our troops should be out of there! Bring them home and have them do port security instead of hiring it out to foreigners.

    Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of them over there doing a great job.

    p.s. this should be in some kind of "political" forum... not here.

  3. Welcome to america.........politics are everywhere!!! God Bless America !!!
    What better forum than in Welcome Mat and Lounge !!!!
  4. I dont' want to start any heavy political discussion and I won't dare put up a Politics forum... lol

    I just wanted to post some pics... :wink:
  5. I think this is the appropriate area for such discussions. There must always be room for some discussion of politics as it is bound to come up. You can't take political discussion too seriously...take solace in the fact that we live in America where you are allowed to hold whatever beliefs you choose, unless of course you are percieved as a threat to the government's globalist agenda...but thats why we have unconstituional wiretaps, goofy terrorist watch lists, and the USA Patriot Act. :D
  6. first cent: Yea I have seen that before. second cent: Garbage!!

    Just my 2 cents
  7. I agree......

    .........anti-government propoganda?
  8. have you seen it? he makes some very valid points. i'd like to know why you think its garbage, Rem
  9. It's anti-government prop.?

    Oh maybe I haven't see it, sorry... :lol:

    I'll check it out tonight...
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