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US Soldiers

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I hate how the main stream media won't show the good stuff happening in Iraq. They want to make the US out to be some terrible evil regime. In response I will post some pictures of things really happening over there:

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That's great, BUT, there are some idiot soldiers over there who are blowing up washing machines and such, shooting up cars and all kinds of stupid stuff. There will be a bunch of GI's coming home and whining about all the problems this war has caused them.

My opinion is that our troops should be out of there! Bring them home and have them do port security instead of hiring it out to foreigners.

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of them over there doing a great job.

p.s. this should be in some kind of "political" forum... not here.
Welcome to america.........politics are everywhere!!! God Bless America !!!
What better forum than in Welcome Mat and Lounge !!!!
I dont' want to start any heavy political discussion and I won't dare put up a Politics forum... lol

I just wanted to post some pics... :wink:
I think this is the appropriate area for such discussions. There must always be room for some discussion of politics as it is bound to come up. You can't take political discussion too seriously...take solace in the fact that we live in America where you are allowed to hold whatever beliefs you choose, unless of course you are percieved as a threat to the government's globalist agenda...but thats why we have unconstituional wiretaps, goofy terrorist watch lists, and the USA Patriot Act. :D
Ithaca, check this out! It will take you a while to watch it, but I think everyone should know!!!
first cent: Yea I have seen that before. second cent: Garbage!!

Just my 2 cents
I agree......

.........anti-government propoganda?
aroostookbasser said:
I agree......

.........anti-government propoganda?
have you seen it? he makes some very valid points. i'd like to know why you think its garbage, Rem
It's anti-government prop.?

Oh maybe I haven't see it, sorry... :lol:

I'll check it out tonight...
At the ripe old age of 45 I have seen just about every kind of twisty turny kind of "Crockumentary" the extremist left and right can throw.

.......suffice it to say I saw what you saw.........but I saw it for what it didn't want to be seen as. Look beyond the rhetoric and you may see the truth...or just more and learn.
OK I watched about 7 minutes of it. I think it is garbage. I dont' see valid points, only planting seeds of deception.
Anyone who reads a chapter out of the bible can claim to believe it.
7 minutes out of more than an hour and you call it garbage? That sounds closed minded....
Airplane engines don't "vaporize" with kerosene, I don't care how much there is.
And multi-BILLION dollar insurance policy on the towers complex just a month or so before 9/11?
CIA, IRS, Military and other critical investigative agencies all housed in a separate building that just happened to collapse to the ground in 6 seconds without being touched by an aircraft or a bomb???

I'm not saying everything on the video is true, but let's not become the "sheeple" the world thinks we are! At least open your eyes and see the possibility.

Heck, some people still think the moon landings were staged in Hollywood!
I agree with you to a certain extent. I did watch the rest of the film last night before I went to bed. Some of the things in there are true but the problem is they attribute some of these happenings to the wrong people and link certain "true" facts with falsified motives and assign them to the wrong groups of people.

Don't be so quick to think that a new administration only on Capital Hill for 8 months planned all this. I think that is too far.

The threats were there I agree, but that doesn't mean they orchastrated it. If chatter goes up and people take it upon themselves to purchase stocks and insurance, etc.. that doesn't mean it was planned, but more than likely predicted because of knowledge.

Here is an example. I firmly believe we will go strike Iran sometime in 2006 if they do not comply with demands to stop building nuclear weapons. I think it is likely that this Iran leader is a nutjob so I have a lot of money and bring forward my prediction to my executive branch at a meeting. One guy says we should purchase stock in "blah blah blah" (plug in some stock here that would go up if we attacked Iran).

Then the government 1 month later attacks Iran and my stocks go up. Does this mean I orchestrated the attack? Am I guilty of conspiracy because now I made money from my prediction?

We all know it isn't "if" but "when.. and people are always thinking about making money and getting rich. That part of it might be wrong, but I wouldn't jump all over the administration that this was all a big time conspiracy. Bush had "nothing" to gain from it if he did.

In fact he has lost a lot of credibility by not following the popular vote and just doing what he feels is best.

Bin Laden agreed to orchestrating the 9/11 events. That is why the democrats are jumping all over the Bush Administration because he "supposedly" went to the wrong country. He took out Saddam Hussein when he couldn't catch up with bin Laden.

What I find quite interesting is in Biblical prophecy all current Muslim countries will rise up and attempt to take out Israel, except for Babylon which is current day Iraq.

The overtaking of Iraq was a big milestone in following prophecy. :wink:
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With all do respect to all posters........this will be my final post here on this subject.

1) To insinuate that our government murdered 3000 people for some political end, shows the person so insinuating to be certifiable. It dishonors all of those who died..all those who now serve and all those who have ever served. This Topic should be locked and tossed......

2) For your information: JP4 and all fuels up through the current JP8 used in commercial airliners are called "high-octane jet fuels" for a reason. Comparing jet fuel to kerosene you use around home or work. Is like comparing gasoline and water. Most if not all...are mixed they contain 25 to 40% other distillates to improve performance. Among them are some names you should know.........Benzene.....Toluene....xylenes.... and naptha. They are common used as solvents and cleaning agents for most petroleum based products. But in this case are used to make the mixed fuels burn cleaner and hotter to meet emmission standards.
3) These fires burned so hot...fueled by 23,000 gallons of aviation fuel !!!!
That the steel melted and compressed under the weight of the structures..........and it all disintigrated!!!!! A volcano in reverse!!!!

You should be ashamed............I am for having read it and for watching that video "crockumentary".........
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I agree, I don't think getting this involved in politics on a hunting board is doing anybody any favors only causing people to potentially get angry with one another.

I admit it was my fault for starting the post. Out of fairness and not to get the last word I will let Dirigo, Ithaca, and Madjack post one more time if they feel like it. I am done posting as well.

Once all three have posted their last post in this thread I will lock it.

Just so you all know I am not angry with anybody. I post on politics boards from time to time and it gets pretty nasty... :?
Remington: Let's stick to hunting and posting "supportive" pictures of our troops over there....................let's leave the "anti-government" and "president bashing" to some other forum.

I am not angry either.......just a bit ashamed about it.
Unfortunately I have dial-up, so it is not really practical for me to watch it. I find the whole terrorism thing is that within hours of the attack they had all of the hijackers identified, including photos of them in a store in maine?? How quickly they drafted and passed (Oct. 26, 2001) the patriot act, a 200+ page bill violating the fundamental rights, whose recognition seperates us from the despots like Castro, Putin, and most of the rest of the world. I have no idea to what extent the gov't was knew about or was involved in the attacks, but they sure as hell capaitalized on them.

How can anyone trust a government actively trying to disarm them? What exactly are they planning to do?
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