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Useful info to combat Dirty Liberal Anti-gun Crowd

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I will be posting a collection of various facts, court cases, and quotes that prove both the necessity of the second ammendment and the founding fathers original intent (i.e. the 2nd ammend. does not mean nat'l guard, etc.) contributions from others would be great. This thread should not be used to just bash the anti-gun crowd. I f you want to bash them and provide useful info, please do so.

Please make any contributions to this database that you can. :D
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Sounds like loads of fun. I'll add something to this when I can. I did a story on gun control back quite a while ago over at Maine Hunting Today. Let me go get the link.
No one would get my guns without killing me first.
Ithaca, thanks for all this information. I enjoy the reads and learning more and more about this stuff and about the weapons themselves. - Thanks
Go here and get an update on the NRA's and Gun Owner's of America's response to gun being confiscated from law abiding citizens in New Orleans
I found this article. It is a long read but it sheds some light on how and why we are where we our in many aspects on gun control issues.
The article is written by someone with their take on gun control and three other writers weigh in on the debate.
This may shed some light on gun rights and gun control issues.
I found this article the other day and set it aside so I could read it. If this isn't what is happening to our 2nd amendment rights all across America!
Here's another one. This one shows clearly what you stated above. Common sense is trumped by fear which comes from ignorance.,0,4463145.story
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