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Useful info to combat Dirty Liberal Anti-gun Crowd

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I will be posting a collection of various facts, court cases, and quotes that prove both the necessity of the second ammendment and the founding fathers original intent (i.e. the 2nd ammend. does not mean nat'l guard, etc.) contributions from others would be great. This thread should not be used to just bash the anti-gun crowd. I f you want to bash them and provide useful info, please do so.

Please make any contributions to this database that you can. :D
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I found this article the other day and set it aside so I could read it. If this isn't what is happening to our 2nd amendment rights all across America!
"Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Darrel Stephens presented the issue to the City Council on Monday night. He says the open display of firearms is a threat to public safety."

I suppose Mr. Stephens' officers don't openly carry their sidearms? Perhaps he could elobrate on exactly how openly displayed firearms are a threat, am I missing something?

“We’ve had four different instances in Center City where individuals have been seen carrying firearms, openly displayed in a holster, while walking down the street,” he said.

Oh my God.......four openly displayed firearms, call out the National Guard, oh wait they couldn't do anything without opnly displaying their firearms and therefore endangering the public.

“I feel a little safer knowing you have a weapon,” he said. “I don’t want anybody having a weapon, but if you have one, I want to see it.”

What? Okay, Mr. Turner, what exactly are you saying, oh wait your an anti-gun jack ass.....nevermind, I don't care.

“If it is opening a can of worms to talk about public safety and what’s in the best community interest, that’s my responsibility,” Stephens said."

Your responsibility, hmmmm.... does that mean I can shoot you if you push this bill through?
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Read this, note that none of the "crimes" involving 50cals actually involved 50cals.

I hate the VPC here's why:

"SKS assault rifles like the one reported by police to have been used in an ambush shooting on Sunday, January 9, to murder one police officer and critically wound another in Ceres, CA, are a primary threat to law enforcement, the Violence Policy Center (VPC) reported today. In 2004 at least six law enforcement officers were slain by SKSs."

Primary threeat to law enforcement? They only cite 6 deaths, I am not concerned, maybe that's because I own guns and know how to use them.

"A 2002 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) report labeled the SKS "the rifle model most frequently encountered by law enforcement officers" and stated that "these high capacity rifles pose an enhanced threat to law enforcement, in part because of their ability to expel projectiles at velocities that are capable of penetrating the type of soft body armor typically worn by the law enforcement officers."

The BATFE is one of the most corrupt federal law enforcement agencies, do I care what they think of the SKS or armor piercing bullets? NO. And most police are wearing IIIA body armor which is easily defeated by an underpowered cartridge such as the 5.56 (.223).

"March 1988. An arsenal that includes a Chinese-made semi-automatic AK-47, a hand grenade, 14 other semi-automatic guns, 32-round ammunition magazines, and a handgun outfitted with a laser sight is seized from five men in New York City's Port Authority bus terminal."

A handgun outfitted with a laser, my god we wouldn't want those in the hands of civilians, much better that some jack ass who took some classes and was handed a badge. 32rd mags, my god what this world comig to, what the hell was he planning ot do with that, I would settle for nothing less than a 75rd drum.

"The MAC-11 can retail for as little as $200."

That is because it is a POS.

"The destructive power of a sniper rifle firing 50 caliber rounds is difficult to overstate. John L. Plaster, author of The Ultimate Sniper—a military and police training manual— offers the following description of 50 caliber performance: "Here's a bullet that even at 1½ miles crashes into a target with more energy than Dirty Harry's famous .44 Magnum at point-blank."

Good I want one of those 'cause when you jerk offs come to my hose I want to make sure I make your life as difficult as possible. Clearly the VPC needs to study ballistics more, comparing a handgun cartridge to a centerfire rifle is absurd.

"Accompanying the marketing of sniper rifles has been a rapid proliferation of books...with titles such as....Marine Sniper: 93 Confirmed Kills"

Hey, I read that book! It is good, I would recommend it to anyone.

" Police snipers need the capability to hit the junction of the brain and brain stem at extended distances. Hitting and destroying this point at the back of the human head with a single bullet causes the person to instantly and completely collapse without reflex. Snipers call this spot "the apricot.""

Police snipers? First of all the longest ever attempted police sniper shot was 90yds....second why do they need to be killing civilians? Oh they must just be talking about those crazys with guns, I guess shooting them is okay.

sorry this rant is so loooooooong. I just wanted to point out how rediculous they, they have no legitimate points to make, other than they are scared of Freud (who I hate with apassion) said "A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity."
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"longest ever attempted police sniper shot was 90yds" oops, better make that 97yds, don't want to be spreading misinformation like the VPC. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Here's another one. This one shows clearly what you stated above. Common sense is trumped by fear which comes from ignorance.,0,4463145.story
"We're not infringing upon people's rights to bear arms," said board Chairman Mark Medford. "It's just a common-sense issue. We don't want to have weapons at our School Board meeting, because if someone decided to snap or got angry about a decision we make, we don't want the worst-case scenario."

Maybe if a few more of these damn school board members were shot, they would stop acting like a-holes...

Medford wrote: "Our concern is for the safety and well being of the students present at this school-related activity. Thankfully, nothing happened. But it would seem prudent to take action before a tragedy occurs.".....He immediately notified school officials and the other board members and made arrangements with the Sheriff's Office to have two deputies at the meeting.

What makes you so fearful of weapons Mr. Meford? Why would two Sheriffs deputies make you feel safe, after all they too are armed and just as likely to strart shooting as the gentleman who exercized his rights. After all the police are just people, like you and me, all people are fallable Mr. Medford. The only thing that seperates any of us from them is a badge.

"It brought up some valid points: Should a citizen have the legal right to come with a gun to a meeting like ours at a nonschool site," Medford said. "Are we a continuation of a student function because we have students and parents at our meetings on a regular basis?"

Clearly Mr. Medford is unqualified to be associated with any educational activities given his clear ignornace of the Bill of Rights, the second ammendment say "keep and bear arms", no if ands or restrictions.

"The safety and welfare of children," he said, "comes before a televised meeting."

Children my ass, you're a prissy bit** who is still living in the 1960' could not care less about the children, you actions and words demonstrate what Freud what describe as "retarded sexual and emotional maturity."
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