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Wally World To Stop Selling Guns

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Wal-Mart Stores Inc. announced it will no longer be selling guns, etc. in about 1,000 stores nation wide. They say there is no demand in these stores and it is not profitible to stock them.

This make some happy and some sad. Of course the antis wanted to make something out of it that it isn't - nobody wants guns anymore! Yeah, right!

More here.
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one day i went there to buy a rifle with dad. technically, it was gonna be dads gun with me financing and being the primary user of the rifle. i was looking over a Savage with the accutrigger with my father being no more than a foot away. i asked if he could remove the lock so i could check out the trigger, the dotard behind the counter snatched the gun away and said "legally, minors cant touch guns!" then i said "[foul] this place!" and we stormed out. earlier this year we went there to get our hunting licenses because we were gonna try some predator hunting the next morning and Willey's was closed. when the clerk was filling out the paper work for my brother's and my license, i specifically told her to be sure they were junior licenses. 15 minutes later, when she finally finished the transaction the price was double what it should have been. i check the licenses and sure enough they were all adults. 45 minutes after entering, we finally leave with our licenses, thoroughly pissed off
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