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I plan to retire to Maine in the next year or two. Grouse hunting looks very appealing to me. But I am a newbie. So I propose to make a trip or two with a guide before I set out on my own.

I have read a lot about grouse guns. I suppose the most popular are Browning or Beretta 20 gauge O/U models. If they were within my budget, that is how I would go. I would also consider a Browning A5 Sweet 16 Lightning. But, right now, all I have is a very fine, but heavy Winchester Super X Model 1. It has a plain 26 inch field barrel into which I had Carlson thin tru chokes installed. I have skeet, I/C and mod. Although this is a heavy 12 gauge, I am thinking that I will start out with this gun to see how I like the sport and to make sure that if I ever spend the big money on an over and under that it’s the right one for me. Does this make sense? Or should I go out and buy a relatively inexpensive Ithaca 37 20 gauge in improved cylinder as a starter gun?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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