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we sell the PSP....$100

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We are wholesalers and exporters of Xbox 360 premium packs, PSP value packs, gamecube and other brand of games. Our company is runing a promotional offers. These games are brand new in boxes with 1year international warranty. The cost for each Xbox 360 is $175. And the price for each sony PSP is $100 only.

For order enquiry please email us at: [email protected] Tel: +234-8025363031.
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This smells like a scam....the gaming systems are subsidized by the games, the psp, XBOX, etc. are all sold at cost or at a loss. The companies make up for it by selling over priced games. I hope nobody has tried to buy any of these. And who the hell sells electronics on a hunting website??? :evil:
Yea really... :roll:

I think I may change the rules to only hunting and fishing related stuff.
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