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Welcome to the board xWHERMACHTx

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Hope you find this place interesting a hang around and do some posting.
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thanks, and just for everyone's information, i am not a nazi supporter or sympathizer. i was told by a friend that my name "wehrmacht" stood for "defense force". at the time i didnt know what it really meant and as yesterday, ive been taking a lot of flak for my screenname on other boards. ive been trying to come up with a new screenname, and when i do, can you change mine?
You know when I saw the name I wondered but you know in this business you see so many user names and some of them are quite unusual and most everyone has a story that goes with it.

We are not a community type board like ezboards so I think we can get your user name changed when you'd like.

I'll have to double check with the techno guru to make sure.
It is a relief to hear you are not a Neo-Nazi. I had a feeling that you just liked the name it is very cool. kind of like Luftwaffe, the name of the German cool as the word is, I would probably change my name too.
Hi Welcome aboard!

Yes... I can change your username if that is what you decide you want to do.

I like the new screen name, Dirigo.....good choice, a little less charged than your previous one. :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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