What broadhead?

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  1. 1. What broadhead are you using?
    2. What weight is it?
    3. What have you killed with it?
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    190 grain Grizzly's are my favorite, but I shoot Wensel Woodsmans, too. I highly recommend cut-on-impact type of heads, but a lot of people want BH's that are easier to tune. With the Grizzly's, I've shot whitetails, elk, pronghorns, and the very elusive whistle-pig.

  3. I am using MODOC "Warrior" broadheads....solid fixed blades at 125grn.
    on Easton shafts. So far I have yet to take anything with them. Just mounted them after a bear hunter buddy gave me a set and said it was all he used. He has taken three bears in the last 4 years...all with a bow over bait.

    Prior to that I did all my hunts with Thunderheads.
  4. I use the 100 grain 4 blade Slick Trick broadhead. It flies like a field point, its a good broadhead.
  5. i only used field points. i shot a deer last year but i couldnt find him, so i shot another, same thing happened
  6. You shot a deer with a bow using field points? or broadheads?

    P.S, locate and use a devise called a string tracker( see the Turkey talk about "The Turkey Gods"). I use one and have never lost a game animal since I started about ten years ago.

    Maybe we can get out hunting together this fall and I can show you some of what I have learned...heck you may have a new slant on an old situation that helps me.
  7. actually, ive never used a bow on game, i definately wouldnt use field points. i was just trying to get lurkers riled up enough to reply
  8. I was gonna say.. no wonder why you didnt find the deer.
  9. Thought you had said earlier in another post that you had to take the bow course.............but gave you the benefit of the doubt. Well you got us talking.......about you!!!!!