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What do you teach your children?

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I was curious. I was just reading an article about how youngsters of today have no real knowledge of the woods and how to read it, survive in it and enjoy it. The writer said this was because of technology in all facets of the outdoors.

So, I was curious how many readers have children and/or grandchildren and how much time do you spend with them in the outdoors and what you are teaching them.

This may sound a bit lame but I am sure there are readers here that may not know what to teach their own kids.

I have two children and 5 grandchildren. I don't think I spent enough time teaching my children about how to become one with the woods. My grandchildren are all 6 and under and I intend to do a better job.
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Having no kids, I can't offer any opinion, but I think it is very impotant to pas s on such knowledge to one's children.
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