what effect does new snow have on deer movement?

Discussion in 'Maine Deer Hunting' started by rustyinmaine, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. do they move or do they sit. Was wondering what everybodys thoughts were? supposed to maybe go out this afternoon and it might start snowing around then.
  2. Hunta


    If it snows get out there early and walk around. Tracks, Tracks Tracks will give you more knowledge then many days in the woods. If you find some fresh tracks set up and wait until dark. The best part about this early snow and cold is the rut will start earlier.

  3. Hunta. thanks for the info. I wasn't sure if the laid down in the snow storm or not. That was my other part of the question, does it change the rut. I didn't know if it was timing or if it was the weather that pushed the rut. It has been cold at night here for about a week and the temps only get into the 40's during the day. The deer movement has definatly pick up around me but haven't seen any scrapes yet. Thanks again
  4. In heavy accumulating snow they will hunker down and wait out the storm but light snow flurries won't bother there movement a bit. As far as the rut coming sooner it could but I have always believed it is the reduction in hours of daylight the triggers the rut and the moon. Snow is a big advantage to the hunter because it makes it much easier to locate deer activity and allows tracking. Brown deer also stick out pretty well against a white back drop.
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    Love a fresh snow!

    Last year, the day after Thanksgiving it was a white out. Snowed about 6 inches. I started walking through the woods in a known area that hold deer. I picked up the trail of a big buck. I trailed him for about three hours. Boy was he smart. I could see where he was stopping to check me out. He led me up and down ravines and through swamps. He would take big jumps to throw me off. I learned more in that one snowstorm about how smart these deer are. I'd say he was lucky that day because darkness saved him.:)
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    I miss hunting in the snow. Growing up, it seems it was always snowy out for some of the season. These days the snow seems to get here later now.
  7. I to remember snow on the ground growing. There always seemed to be atleast a couple inches stuck to the trees during hunting season. Boy I miss the good ole days. There also seemed to be more deer around me. My first deer was shot in a light snow.