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Discussion in 'Maine Hunting' started by kenton6, Sep 25, 2005.

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    I just did a little blog over at the Black Bear Blog and linked to a short article at Field and Stream written by Bill Heavey about what he carries in his pack and why when he goes out bow hunting.
    So I was wondering, list five things (if you carry that many) in the order of importance that you carry when you go into the woods. Also, for clarity, name the type of hunting you are going to do ie. tree stand w/bow, black powder, rifle, blind, tree stand etc.
    Below is the link to the blog if you have a mind to read the article to help you with this.

    For me spending a day in the woods sitting a lot and some still hunting I would carry:
    Hot Seat or equivalent
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    For me, irregardless of type of hunting, or even fishing, I carry a Quad map of my area, compass, lighter and matches, trioxane tabs, headlamp w/ batteries and an extra bulb, and a cheap pair of safety glasses. If bowhunting, add a spare string, already shot-in, dental floss, spare glove, and 1 arrow with a blunt, if I'm hunting with broadheads. For blackpowder, spare touch hole liner, spare nipple (shotgun and .36 use same one), nipple wrench, multi-tool, ball puller, cleaning patches soaked in solution. For rifle, extra ammo, Lens pen, Outers tactical cleaning kit, 2 or 3 very small balloons and rubber bands. Most of these "kits" are pre-packed in a ziplock bag and marked, so I just put the appropriate one in my daypack. If I can't fix a problem with what I have with me, I need to do the repair in my shop, anyway.


  3. For rifle hunting in Maine (still hunting, tracking). Other than my rifle and plenty of brass, I cary the following in order of importance.....

    Two compasses ( I'll manage to lose at least one every year)

    A GPS unit

    A knife

    Drag rope

    Food and water
  4. DLuke


    Well...if I found myself out in the woods within a walk back to the car, checked my pack and found I forgot certain things...a few would make me turn around, and few wouldn't.

    1. extra compass (turn around for it)
    2. shells (turn around for it)
    3. lighter (maybe...depending on the size of the spot)
    4. food and water (kick myself, but wouldn't go back)
    5. TP (wouldn't go back)

    A knife, occasionally a change of socks, drag rope and string, plus a few other things make up my pack for a day of stillhunting...
  5. :lol: :lol:
    I laugh but I don't ever remember a time where I brought TP with me. That reminds me of a story I hope my father doesn't come here and tell... :D

    For me:
    1) Compass
    2) Slim Jims
    3) Drag rope
    4) Plenty of extra rounds
    5) Lighter/waterproof matches
  6. DLuke


    If it involves returning to the truck at the end of the day with no underwear, the front cut out of your undershirt, or minus one sock...I'm right there with you. DL
  7. Moose


    No matter what type of hunting I'm doing these are almost allways with me;

    1.First Aid Kit- Mini kit with butterfly strips to close up a wound, twissers, gauze pads, bandaides, tylenol etc. Its small enough to fit in my pocket.

    2.Compass Most of the places I hunt I know well but I have gotten caught in some swamps or real brushy areas that its easy to get turned around.

    3. Hunting License Never leave home without it :roll: well at least not any more. I wear mine around my neck with my compass attached as well as a spare key to our hunting club.


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    If they want to hear about YOUR hunting experience with TP, they're going to have to buy the book and read about it.
    Plug, Plug, Plug - "The Legend of Grey Ghost and Other Tales From the Maine Woods"
  9. Oh yea that's right I gave it away in the book. Oh well...
  10. I carry:

    10 shells max (including those in the gun)
    1 compass
    Lighter and matches
    Drag rope
    Waterproof gear
    Extra fleece jacket
    Extra Blaze orange hat
    Water Purification tablets
    2 Knives
    Super heavy weight plastic bag + space blanket for emergency shelter
    Latex gloves-for field dressing
    First Aid Kit - Pretty damn good I might add