What is your effective Bow Range?

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  1. What is your effective killing range:
    1.Put up a pie plate and pace off 20 yards............put 10 of 10 in the pie plate.
    2. Put up another pie plate at 25............10 for 10
    3. Now try 30 yards.......10 for 10
    4. How many can honestly say that they can shoot 10 for 10 at 35 and 40 yards.

    To further alter your range .......shoot from a treestand.....your target is now a six inch circle, not a nine inch pie plate.
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    Back when I shot a compound, your 10 ring was 2-4", depending on the target. At known ranges, we could shoot 10 shafts into a 3" group at 50yds. Not really difficult if the range is known and the equipment is good and tuned.
    That's the lure of 3D, range isn't known.

    Now I shoot instinctive and have only taken one shot over 25yds at an animal. Got a pronghorn at 33yds back in '98, in Wyoming. I wouldn't have taken the shot, but everything just "felt right".

  3. AS you pointed out.....in hunting situations.....range is not known....for sure. But most archers know from practice just how far they can shoot. How many gun hunters practice as much as an archer at learning to judge distance that well?

    Hitting a deer in the heart and hitting a targets 2-4" center are two very different things. The target has no eyes and can't run or spin away at the release. So a 9 inch pie plate keeps the arrow within the killing area of a deers chest. A 6 inch plate shot at from various elevated angles is more realistic. The angles themselves reduce the pie plate to a six inch area.

    Shooting a tuned target bow from a known distance......and shooting the hunting bow from a treestand. Is like comparing a benchrest shooter to a cowboy action shooter. Different equipment and different variables.

    It's obvious you inderstang that ...since you are exercising great caution by only shooting out to the 30 yard +/- range.

    "Thank You " for your honesty and your candor

    I posed the test to see if archers would admit to their own effective killing range. Just to see what the average would come out to be.
    What do you think?
  4. i shoot alot, from 10 -50yds i can hit a paper plate every time... but i did not take a shot at a GIANT 12 pt 2 years ago that was 65... almost did... mfm
  5. i almost did but he was jumpy cause there was some dogs barking near by, if he was calm and broad side i would have.
  6. i shoot a fast bow with a high quality pendulum site and my effective range is 40 yards.
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  7. After shoulder surgery last December I am only effective out to 20 yards. I am trying to get back to 30 yards, which is as far as I feel comfortable with bow.
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    Where are you at with that shoulder Jack? 100%
  9. Heck no, I may be at 60% but I can actually work out now a little. I'll never be 100% again but I'll settle for 80 if I can get there! Light weights and lots of reps...