What kind of bow?

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  1. I shoot two different bows.......a Ben Pearson Double Cam and a Beautiful Bear Whitetail.
    But I have shot PSE, Matthews, and Martin bows in the past.

    What kind of bow do you shoot?
  2. Bear Whitetail II

  3. Nice bow Dirigo......

    Do you shoot sites/instinctive or hi-tech?
  4. its got a peep and pins. i got it at willeys last week. it was used. it came with 6 or so arrows, sight, rest(flimsy plastic thing, ill prolly get a whisker buisket later), and finger tabs. i payed $100. seemed like a good deal, but im an archery newb.
  5. matthews ultra 2 and my dad shoots a darton maverick extreme
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    I used to shoot IBO Men's Open 3D and was a sponsored shooter, but put the compounds away in '96 and started shooting traditional. I still go to a couple of shoots a year, but don't take a scorecard, just shoot for fun with friends.
  7. I have 4 acres to play on in Island Falls........thinking about setting up a 3D range. Where can I get IBO plans "Canerod"?
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    No real plans involved. Usually, an aerial photo and corresponding map are used to set out individual shots and to lay out the trail used to go from one target to the next. Safety and common sense are the important things. Each target needs shooting stakes, that the shooter places their foot against, usually a long one for compounds and a shorter range for trad. and youth. IBO rules call for a max range of 50 yds. for open and BH classes and 30 yds. for trad and youth, or at least, they used to. Check with the IBO org. for current rules and see what is needed for sanction. Also, it'd be nice to have a qualifier for the state championships and don't forget the Maine Trad. Archery Assoc. THe hold a shoot at Durham that really brings in the bucks.
  9. Would you and most bow shooters travel to Island Falls to do it?