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What Snowmobile to buy

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Moving back to Maine in 5 months and want to buy a new snowmobile. Used to have a wildcat but might be leanig toward the new Polaris Fusion. Anybody have one that can tell me what you think about it? Also, anyone know anything about a new Cat F7's?

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Wait 'til next snow. Better off with a 4 wheeler !!!!!!
Ha... already got one!
You have plenty of time to research the sleds .........but I'ld go Arctic Cat..
I talk with a mechanic every week who tells me AC engines just don't hold up.

Best all around sled for 11 months of the years is one that has 4 or 6 wheels under it! $7K to $10K is a lot for something to look at most of the year.

One good thing though is most dealers are way overstocked and have to dump sleds or face losing their franchise. You have the leverage right now with no snow & a surplus of sleds! Take your time and shop around.

See ya in a few months.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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