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Like most flatlanders, I'm not very educated when it comes to moose. I have heard that they will stand there and let you shoot them. I never really believed that though. That's one reason I really didn't have an intrest in hunting one. I would never hunt an animal that wouldn't have a chance and or desire to escape. I've heard that about buffalo, you can almost walk right up to them and they'll stare you down as you pull the trigger. I don't know. Like I said, I'll probably never get the chance to hunt either moose or buffalo (not too many of them critters here in NJ). If I were deer hunting and a 10 foot moose charged me from behind, I don't know what I'd do (after I crapped myself that is). That's kinda weird how that moose would actually circle around behind that guy to attack. Must have been exciting for him :shock: . Thanks for the reply!!
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