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Where are you hunting?

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Where are you hunting turkeys this year? Just your home state or other places? I'm hunting here in Montana, and also in South Dakota. Next year hopefully Nebraska or Oklahoma for a Rio.
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That is a busy spring. I love to hunt them ole gobblers in other states, but I have never hunted anything but an eastern. I take a lot of people out every spring here in Maine, My buddy Nate and I dedicate about every weekend to taking our kids (now 7) out in New Hampshire. I also make the trek every April to SC to harrass their turkey population. Its just tough learning to call with a drawl.
eh ya............
Hey ccobbett, any time you want to chase some Merriams with them young ones, let me know. I'd be glad to take you out. Good luck chasing Tom this spring.
I thought kids had to be like 10 to hunt in MT. Our little guys are only 7 now. If they can, look out becouse we are not afraid to jump on a plane.
Whoops!!! I didn't see the age of your kids. You have to be 12 with hunters safety.
It's age prejustice I tell ya. Just plain wrong.
Hey check your PM. I have a question for you.
Hunting turkey is a spring ritiual here in Alabama, plenty of birds this year.
I will be hunting in SC for turkeys and GA for hogs next week, send over some of the southern luck.
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