Where can I find a rifle chambered for 6.8x43mm?

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  1. Heard about a new Caliber being experimented with by Pentagon......US Army....to replace 5.56. Any info?
  2. It's based on the old 30 remington case but necked to .277(270 cal.) It's the same length as the 5.56 but has ballistics like the .243 and better bullet choices. Would like to try one for my wife as a Deer Gun !!!

    Help me out here............

  3. The ballistic coefficient of a 6.5mm projectile is the best that can be achieved, that is why a lot of countries have gone to it.

    It sounds like somebody is trying to make a few million with a likely CON-JOB.

    The whole reason behind the U.S. going with the .223 or 5.56mm is the "carry weight" not the killing power. It takes 4 to care for one wounded man, which takes away from the firing line. That and the ammunition weight thing is why we stopped using the '06 the .303 (.311) and the .308. The .308 is still the snipers choice for long range instant kills!

    Get your wife a Remington Model SEVEN in .260 Rem. which is actually a .243 necked to 6.5mm.
  4. Thank You Jack !!!!!!!

    Any pet deer loads for the .260?

    Still curious if Remington will offer the round to the public.
    Would it be superior in any way to the 243?
    Less kick? Better bullets?
  5. Dirigo, why didn't they list the downrange energy and speed? After all, isn't that all that really counts?
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    Man, if we can get Ithaca on here, I bet he can shed some light on this stuff too. He's pretty up on all this stuff.

    Hey, Ithaca! WHERE ARE YOU?????
  7. Thanks Dirigo !!!!!!

    I even have a legitimate name for the round............6.8 Remington SPC.

    Wonder if T/C has a barrel for it yet?????
  8. Thanks again Dirigo.........270.00 barrel will have to wait.
    Can I get one rechambered from an existing 6mm T/C barrel ?