Where were they opening day?

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  1. Not a Maine hunt, but it's been quiet, I thought I would share this years hunt. I saw a total of 6 bucks alone that were legal to shoot in PA (3 or more points on one side) alone in a field on Thanksgiving, fri.,Sat., & Sun. Come Mon. all doe same thing on Tues. Yesterday there were a total of 12 deer (all doe) showed up. Not 1 buck. Most of the buck came out at the last 15Min. of daylight. At one point I watched a small doe bounce up & down, then start running in the field for no apparent reason, I guess to burn steam. Then all of the others started doing the same thing, while the older Mothers just stood there. Has anyone ever witnessed that behavior? The Pics. are a little blurry since I had to zoom in. As soon as the 2nd buck spotted the one bedding he came right up to inspect him LOL

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