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Where's the Remington boy's deer at?

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I haven't heard anything from either of you about the deer your killing. How's the Maine hunting going?
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The entire deer season in Maine was not real bountiful for many people. An unusual one to say the least. Unusual weather conditions attributed to most of it. I never saw one-not even a tail. I heard one take off and saw a couple of moose and that was it. I saw all the deer I wanted while driving to Maine.
I have done my part to preserve the herd!
People still want to go to Maine to hunt because of the size of the deer there but they are not real plentiful which in turn hurts businesses like yours and the outfitters.

But I bet you still enjoyed it. I have been getting mixed success stories on whitetails throuhout the USA. The rut was very different depending on what state or areas you were hunting. Some reported hardly any noticable rutting activity while others told of great numbers and high rutting activity. It has been a strange season to say the least. Big bucks killed this year but I think the numbers are down on the average. Check out my post at "Other Game" for a Montana hunting report on whitetail, mule deer, antelope and elk.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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