Whiners and liars

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    Why do people lie about how they really feel about things? Like issues of hunting! People in Maine are saying they don't want Sunday hunting because they won't be safe in the woods and they don't want that one day of the week in November taken away from them. Bull!! Is it safe to be in the woods with a gun and not safe with one? And these same people aren't ever outside anyway- anytime of the year. Why don't they just say they are against hunting and be done with it?
  2. I think you'll find the Sunday hunting issue is largely fought against by landowners and the guides, sporting camp owners, and people up here that make a living off the hunting seasons and hunters. If the season is extended another day each week the IFW has indicated it will shorten the big game season to keep the deer kill where they target. They conclude the added four sundays with weekend density participation will reduce the season by at least a week. This is a week less time to book camps, pay guides, and collect money from hunters for a rather cash strapped economy up here. The landowners who the Maine IFW is depending on to keep land accessible to hunters in central and southern Maine lobby hard against the Sunday hunting and their voice is heard when land availability is at stake. It won't add to hunting days it will subtract and thats why its defeated when brought up and why they will allow small game hunting to venture into Sunday but not big game where the money is generated. No one is lying and its not anti hunters its people that make their living off hunters and those that provide access to hunting. The fact that a lot of Christians and non hunters happen to agree with the principal only adds to the fact its not accepted by the majority.