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Who got you into it?

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Who got you into turkey hunting? Was it your dad, grandfather, friend.. ???

Just curious as to who influenced you the most to get out there and turkey hunt...
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My dad actually started me at hunting small game and deer. I got into turkey with friends. I really enjoy fall hunting, looking for a flock, busting them up, and then calling one in. Spring hunting is good here, but we have a lot of inexperienced hunters that don't know how to properly set up on a bird. They try calling from 1/4 to 1/2 mile away, or will come walking right in to you when you're working a bird. My biggest to date is 24 pds, 11 1/4 in beard with 1 1/4 in a full mount on it.
Ooooh! Big Bird!
I never really cared to go turkey hunting. I would rather of spent my time trolling streamers. That was until my father, at the age of seventy, finally was selected in Maine's turkey lottery. My father got his turkey on opening morning of the season that year. When he called me on the phone to tell me the story, his excitement was infectious. I got just as excited as if I had been with him. Now, my father has traveled extensively, caught marlin and other large gamefish, has hunted in many different areas, and I have never seen him like this. So, to get this worked up over a dumb old turkey, I thought I should see what it is all about. I was selected twice during the lottery years and finally got on some turkey's last year. I never got a shot at them, but holy smokes was I hooked.

For those that have read my field journal, you know that I have already been in the turkey woods. I have been ready to go since February. The mild weather this winter has really made me chafe at the bit.

By the way, my father who is seventy-five, has had his camo packed and shotgun at the ready since I gave him the scouting report from last weekend. His birth year will let him hunt the A season.
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