Who hunts ducks?

Discussion in 'Maine Waterfowl Hunting' started by aroostookbasser, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. I hunted waterfowl, upland gamebirds, and large and small game for decades when I lived in British Columbia, Canada but I haven't done any hunting since I moved here. I often hear shotguns from the direction of Lake Lewisville come Duck hunting season so I assume someone is out hunting. I'd like to hear from any hunters in the area too.

  2. I hunt waterfowl here in SoMaine. Depending on the season, weather and work schedule I'll either be on the coast and marshes or out to Brownfield Bog targeting woodies and teal. I've also found a good corn field here in Dayton to hunt geese (with permission).
  3. i do some duck hunting in ellsworth maine.i live on graham lake .looking for hunting partner for 2017 season. lot of wood ducks,geese,mallards,seen some black ducks,teal.have all the gear decoys,boat,calls(not very good)45 decoys,ducks and geese cans.have hunted all my life and all over the midwest(nebraska)were i am from.
  4. Wes, I'll take you up on that in 18. I'm retiring from active duty just off Graham Lake and like you I'm from the Midwest also. I too have Dekes and a homemade layout boat.
  5. Do you still duck hunt? Looking to connect with hunters in the mdi/ ellsworth area
  6. Want to get back into Duck Hunting, Have not gone in Many years. Near Sacrborough Salt Marsh & Saco Rive. Need a little 16-18 ft boat to get out for the Sea Ducks. cant unwinterize the bigger boats diesel for only a few days a year. Would not mind Goose Hunting if you know where to find them in Southern Maine or NH send me an email Walt [email protected]