Who shoots a .223 remington or .204 Ruger for Yotes

Discussion in 'Maine Predators Hunting' started by aroostookbasser, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. Looking to get some data on the 204 ruger...........less recoil than the ..223 and the 22-250.

  2. Thanks...but looking for field data from any users and or reloaders. Thinking about getting back into ADC work again.
  3. Last i heard you could not reload the 204 yet. The 223 of course has around 20 bullets you can load. This of course is all determined on the rate of twist your barrel has. I use a 223 and when you can reload the 204 i will then buy that barrel for my encore. 204 is affected by the wind more than the 223 also. Hope this helps.

  4. Load data is available from Hodgdon and Accurate Arms...Hornady has the cases and a 32grn and 40 grn bullets...as well as the dies.

    Just wondering if their press releases were panning out.

    You canget a barrel on ebay!!!!!! Lots of stuff there and at Midway!!!!
  5. As far as reloading, and i am not sure this is still the case, so i will check with western powders. The powder that is used in the factory loads is not available to the public yet. You can reload but cant get the same results yet. I will check though, this may have changed.

  6. Sorry can't help you as I use a 30-06 and a 454 on coyotes.Both stop them dead in their tracks.
  7. nope i peg em' with my M-4 by colt....they dont go no where....:) and the damage is good enough for me too.....:shock: :gitrdone: