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Who taught you to hunt?

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Who taught you about guns and hunting?

My father taught me everything. To my knowledge, his father was not a hunter. As a matter of fact, I only know of one of my uncles who is a hunter.
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Well, to be honest, I don't remember whether it was my father or my brother who taught me to shoot. I have no memory of learning. I just was doing it from the earliest that I can remember. I know that when I was about 7 years old, I had standing permission to go in the closet and get out the single-shot .22 and head off down in the swamp behind our house. These excusions were unsupervised and they were done with the full blessing of my parents. I only had two rules; don't shoot toward any houses, and I had to eat what I killed (unless of course it was vermin like snakes or blue jays). Can you imagine a 7 year-old going squirrel hunting? Today, people would freak out!

Consequently most of my hunting knowledge is self-taught, although I learned alot from my older brother too.
Well my father was always on crack or snorting anything he could get his hands on. He was in and out of jail so many times he just never had the time nor the clarity to teach me anything... :lol: :lol:

just kidding...

I think my dad taught me 99% - I taught myself -10% and 11% came from others...
Hunting- My Dad

Guns- Mydad, but mostly myself.
I'm still learnin. :roll:
Hey Remington! I guess I didn't teach you any math.
99% plus 10% or 11% =109% or 110%
I gave myself a negative 10%... :wink:

Sometimes I am my own worst enemy...
Lil John said:
I'm still learnin. :roll:
I second that, there is always more to learn, that is what makes life interesting. :D
My Dad taught me to fish & hunt very early on. He was a Chief in the Navy and taught survival school (S.E.A.R.) at Rangley. I learned everything he taught there, plus I had individual lessons during any hunting season. Shooting whenever he could get home, reloading shotshells at the early sportsman's shows, way back in the 60's & 70's.

When he retired from the Navy at 37 years old he worked for the old Value House, setting up new stores, buying guns and diamonds and running sporting goods departments.

I learned it all from the old guy, and it is a debt I can only repay by teaching others!

yeah, I'm still learning too...everytime I go out.
My dad got me into hunting and fishing when I was really young. I learned a lot from him even though I don't do things exactly how he does them. I fly-fish, and like to hunt the "big woods" for deer. He likes bait and sitting on trails waiting for deer around Bangor. He sparked all of my interest into the outdoors though.
Self taught. Whatever I know I have had to learn it the hard wya. My father was killed in an explosion in MN when I was 7 1/2 so I didn't get the chance to learn from him.
Sorry about that! That's tough but I am so glad you had the will and way to learn. Was their some factor or factors that drove you to get involved?
Not really, just started out huntng squirrels and rabbits as a kid and fell in love with hunting and fishing. My mom's dad was an old hillbilly from TN and I guess I did see him hunt small game all his life. Probably influenced me some. I have a cuz who still lives in Indiana and me and him grew up as brothers and we learned how to hunt together.
Enjoyed reading all of the stories about how you all started hunting......I got the fever from 3 uncles and my best friend growing up. My dad had emphasema and stayed home on a disability. My Uncles used to take me out in the woods and taught me about life. My playground was always the woods.................... and it saved me from the streets.

Now I teach others and promote the outdoors all I can.
My grandfather mostly. Also, learned a lot from myself as we all do from time to time. Spent my entire childhood in the woods it seemed like.
My dad and all the guys "upta camp". Started going to camp with dad when I was 8, then took the course and started hunting at 10. The guys up there were always willing to take the young guys out, and always taught us stuff. Great memories.
I grew up on the fringe of a small town with a brook running through my back yard and big woods just the other side of it. My dad was an avid duck hunter but not very accomplished in other areas of hunting, but my folks encouraged my efforts.

I lugged a gun as a kid back when it wasn't considered abnormal. I learned most things the hard way by trial and error...mostly error but I caught on eventually.

Lots of guys surpass my abilities but none my desire.
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