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Who wants to go bear hunting?

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I am seriously thinking of getting back into the groove in baiting bears. But I don't want to do it like I used to.

I am looking for four or five hunters to partner with. Each hunter sets up and maintains a bait site. But all of the hunters in this group can hunt all of the sites. Instead of having just one or two sites to hunt you have five or more. Each site is on a rotation....keeping it fair to all. Hunters can trade sites out of rotation if for some reason they can't use their site on an assigned day. Some of these sites will be a good distance apart. Making it difficult for some hunters to get to them.

Sound interesting?
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I'd love to, but that's a bit of a haul to Houlton. How many times a week does a bait need checked? That's hopefully going to be a busy time of year for me, but I'd love to get a shot at one with a longbow.
Yea too far from you to me...but you can start a group in your area and use the idea.
I feel that if more of us were out hunting bears ourselves and they tried some more of that referendum crud.....we would be even more apt to fight for our rights.
Besides bear meat is great...if you don't eat it..I'll take any fresh bear you don't want.
Guess I hunt alone this year......wife is scared of bears. But if your up my way.......I'ld put you in bow range if I can find some sites to bait.
I'd love to bowhunt for one, if I end up with any time open around then, I'll let ya know. And if ya get down this way or over around the Forks and wanna flyfish, let me know.
Sounds good!!!!!
I would love to bear hunt with ya sometime. But I just about gave up on deer hunting for the next couple years until all my kids are out of diapers and things settle down where I am not needed 24/7

As for flyfishing, I would love to go up to the forks on a weekend getaway and find my rhythm. :wink:
My wife is an excellant babysitter........if there is a will there is a way....
Moose.......where are you? Tweedie? Come on there has to be a few bear hunters out there.

Anybody who ever wanted to hunta bear?

Looking for young or old.........just have to be able to set a bait site and keep it tended for a couple weeks.

Where you at and who you is?
Me is right here :lol:

I have 4 little brats... ahem... I mean wonderful children. Be careful not to set your wife up without asking her first.
Let's see what the summer brings and if we can work it wife has no problem with the idea......want her to mail you a permission slip.
Looking to find as many bear hunters as I can.......if you are too far from me can link to another group. The idea here is to create a larger more visible presence in the bear woods. Increasing our individual luck by exposing each hunter to multiple locations to see and kill a bear.

The hunting tradition you save could be your own !!
The hunting tradition you save could be your own !!
I like this quote.
Let's put it on some a fair......make some green?
hmm... you got my wheels turning now...
Remington-- there is some decent bears roaming the woods just outside of Bangor. 5 years ago we went 15 for 15 in the Orono area. Also anything around Pushaw Lake is hold bears--but don't over look Bradford,Orneville and those areas. I have the contact numbers here for the forester who runs the lands if you need it.
John Porter
Hey Remington: John is sitting in the bear capitol of Maine......that's why so many bear guides operate out of there.
Oh man I can feel my blood pumping through me with excitement now. I want me a bear. Oh hey, who can show me around. Kenton6 and I hunted deer out by Pushaw 2 seasons ago and didn't find a lot for deer signs. Maybe we should have been hunting bear.. :wink:
I am working with all the hunters I can find in my area to create a bear bait site we can swap around and trade spots to keep it fun. I know a lot of ground in and around Patten/Sherman/Crystal and up here in the Houlton/Littleton/Monticello areas.

I would love to take you out...........I'll be scouting all summer and be hunting all fall.

I just signed up another couple of guys at church to help me set up sites and get all the necessary landowner permissions. Bear meat is really good.......but don't expect to kill grampy and have it taste like something you will want to eat. (Kill a 200 to 300lb. bruin fattening up on beechnuts and acorns.........)
I can help you with your goal of tagging a bear. Do you want a bait hunt,hound hunt or trap one? I have access as you know to many acres down your way(my old stomping grounds) that your more then welcome to use.
Aroostook, I know all about this bear capital. We are almost booked solid this yr for bait hunts and also bear trapping.
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