Who's got traps out?

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  1. We are a week into early fox and coyote and early muskrat started today, who has some traps out?

    Last weekend I put out six canine sets, I put two traps in each set so I was about 5 hours, have not connected yet! Today I went out to my bread and butter spot for just about everything to set for some early muskrats and found out there was hardly any water in the muskrat hole, was not happy! I did find a fresh pushup and set a colony trap the best I could. I also put a foothold in at the other end of the pond!!!

    I left there and set 4 footholds around 4 different culverts that produce pretty well. I then got home, did some "chores" and ventured out behind my house down by the river. There is a chain of 3 ponds and one is definitely holding rats. I put in a couple 120's and a colony, I also noticed beaver activity.

    Zones 1,2,3,4 opened up for beaver on the 19th but I have absolutely no ambition to trap them since I have been trapping them since the last week of April!! I will wait for ice and try to get some nice prime ones and have a few things made!

    Not a lot of traps but I don't have a lot of time to check. I am hoping to get a few a rats and mink with these sets. Next weekend the fisher traps go out. God Bless.
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  2. Waiting for fur to prime out!!! Prices too low to sell thin skins!

  3. Prices to low period! Stuff is priming now, get out there before the ice screws you over. God Bless.
  4. stuff is getting prime here, I had a mink fully prime! God Bless.
  5. Still not very good here....warmer on this end...been 50 degrees or better for weeks.