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Wild Turkey Pics

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Ok here is my wild turkey pic of the day :roflmao:

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There's probably been more of those killed than the animal
Oh I am sure of it! :heh:
Welcome to the Maine Hunting Forums, JB. I hope you're sober? :chug:

Just a joke. Hey, see if you can fix up that there signature of yours so the link is active. Right now it's kind of a mess.......that is if you want us lazy ones to click on it and check it out. Then of course if the link is just a way to spam the site, these guys will catch on and they won't visit anyway.
Dont think Id be Gobblin too much of that:slapfloor:
Looks like just a spam job to me. The site is just a place that sells sporting goods.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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