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Will/have your prices gone up?

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Due to the current situation with gas prices and everything following close behind, have you prices gone up this year?
Are you cutting back to closer/smaller areas to guide?

I'm wondering because if I were still bear baiting I'm not sure I could afford the fuel bill.
With my fishing, I am trying to stay closer to my "local" waters this year and keep my prices the same as they have been for the last few years.

Also, do you think that folks will be looking for places closer to Augusta and Bangor or will they continue driving north?
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I'm trying to hold the prices at the same level, but if the fuel prices go up much more, I might have to re-think it. Most of my guiding is in The Forks/Greenville/West Branch areas, and I have to live in the Bangor area, due to my wife's job. Travel to and from these areas is something I have to deal with, at least for now. Still beats the hell out of a "real" job.
Staying the same this year but will watch the prices for next year.. Plus need to have a non-profit year once in awhile to keep the IRS happy.. :D
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