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Winchester Closes New Haven Plant

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Due to financial trouble, winchester is closing its New Haven Conn. plant. The company said that it was losing $1 million each month the plant was open and had no choice to close it. This will end production of Model 94, Model 70 rifles, and Model 1300 pump shotguns. I think winchester is in for one hell of a bumpy ride over the next few years. Those Models represent everything the average shooter associates with the Winchester label. One of their spokesmen said that they would continue to develop the remainder of their product line which consists of smome other rifles including a new autoloading rifle, their existing line of autoloading shotguns, and their line of Select O/U shotguns.
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Well there goes Winchester.................. again !!!!!!!!!

If you have the spare cash buy up some M70's and M94's !!!!!!!!!!!
I have heard their contract to use the Winchester name is expiring and they don't plan to negotiate a renewal. I also hear there might be some interest.
Yea, Maine Hunting Today is going to buy into it... :wink:
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Is this before or after the television station takeover?
Their licensing of the name "Winchester", from Winchester-Olin, ends in '07. With the plant empty and the name just being rented, I think we'll see someone stepping in. At least, I hope so. It'd be a shame to lose "The Rifleman's Rifle".
Ithaca is back? I hadn't heard. It is always sad to see companies that have such rich histories go under like that. Hopefully Winchester can get their financial issues resolved.
Saving a name is meaningless unless they also preserve the reason for the good reputation..........who needs overpriced "labeled" guns made by third world factories.
I would love to see the gun world act like the rest of corporate america in that rather than allow outside influence or loss of jobs..........let a successful gun company take over the failing one and everyone wins!!!!!!

Can you imagine "Winchesters by Ruger"or "Winchesters by Smth&Wesson".
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