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Winter Red Stag Hunt in Maine

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Brian Cohen, Dave Corragan and outdoor writer Ray Hammilton spent a bitter cold weekend hunting at our preserve. The weather was well below zero with the windchill factor but these hardy hunters dressed for a weekend of fun. Ray was so impressed with how difficult these preserve deer were to hunt that he kept saying that "Canned Hunt" does not apply to us. I will post the article that he is going to write at a later date. He was not paid to write an article, nor was he given a free hunt to do so. In fact I did not know he was an outdoor writer until the hunt was underway. Ray writes a monthly article for the Northwoods Sporting Journal.

Brian has clients from all over the world that visit the states each year and he vows to bring us a steady stream of clients after having the time of his life on this bitter cold weekend. Brian is from NH and both Dave and Ray are Mainer's. Here are a few pics of two stags they harvested. good bunch of guys and I look forward to their return.
Dave who also lives in Maine is a Registered Maine Guide. He has been guiding since he was 14 years old.He and Ray both are black powder enthusiasts and regularly attend shooting matches around New England.


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This picture was taken from one of our ground blinds as this management stag works his way through a hard wood opening. Winter stag hunts are for the hardy as temps can easily be below zero.

We are building several two man shooting shacks that will easily accommodate a " Buddy Heater". This will give a warmer stand for those that prefer such comforts.

Most of our hunters have plenty of gear and look like they stepped out of a Cabela's catalog with every piece of equipment that you can imagine. The heated shooting shacks will serve those who don't have the gear for mid winter hunting.
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These deer bolted as I round a corner on a trail within the preserve. They were gone in an instant!
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Our winter hunts will end in March and we will begin our fall 2007 season in August.
Thank you for all the PM's and if there are any other questions feel free to ask.
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Hunting Report Newsletter

This is the article pupblished in the
Hunting Report Newsletter with information submitted
by Richard Lawson

Here's an interesting find. It's a red deer hunting preserve in Maine of all places. Subscriber Richard Lawson brought it to our attention this month in a report he sent us about a hunt he enjoyed there this past September. The place is called Hindsite Hunt Preserve and is located in Newport, about 25 miles from Bangor International Airport. Formerly a dairy farm, owner Mark Luce began breeding red deer on the 155-acre property in 1997 and now offers trophy and management stag hunts, as well as meat deer hunts for hinds. Seems Luce invested in some New Zealand hinds breed to German blood lines, and a stud stag from Yugoslavian bloodline, intending to breed red deer for a variety of markets, including velvet antler production, meat, breeding stock, hard antlers for art projects and furniture and a limited number of hunts. Most of those efforts required the production of large antlers, so Luce has focused on enhancing trophy quality the last few years. So, what is the hunting experience like? According to Lawson, the stags here are the most skittish animals he has ever hunted. After 20 years of hunting whitetails, mule deer and elk, he characterizes this as a challenging and well-rounded hunt. He says Luce placed him and several friends in tree and tower stands near travel lanes and feeding areas around dense timber. He says the property is a mix of hardwood and softwood forest and thickets cut with deer trails. Since Lawson and his friends hunted during the rut, he says they were able to hear the stags roaring and watch them chasing hinds. He says several trophy stags came by his stand before he finally shot a 12-pointer.

He says his two hunting buddies also took 12-point stags. Lawson says the guides provided them with walkie-talkies to call for help when they shot their deer and that Luce took care of all the field dressing and trophy preparation as well. He says he also had a butcher and local taxidermist lined up to take care of the meat and trophies for them. He gives Luce high praise for the operation, writing, "He has set up a five-star preserve hunt, and with his internal drive, it will only get better. Don't hesitate on this. Once the word is out, booking a hunt here might take years." Lawson reports this was a three-day hunt that included lunch and one mature red stag with 12 to 16 points for $3,000. Hunts for management stags of eight to 10 points cost $1,600 and meat hunts for hinds cost $700. As for accommodations, Law- son says Luce lodged his group in nearby lakefront cabins, featuring a small kitchen and a washer and dryer, plus a television set. He says a small grocery store nearby made it easy to prepare breakfast and that there were also several restaurants in town just two miles away. Hunters interested in this hunt may contact Luce at

207-368-4957, or 207-356-3582
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