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Wolves And Other "Protected" Species

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I didn't write this!

I just finished reading an article about wolves and other so-called "protected" species. Groups that advocate for these species are simply waiting for "confirmed" existence of wolves and/or mountain lions in Maine. Once that happens, they will move in and demand the state formulte plans to ensure the protection of these animals. Trapping will for all intent and purposes end.

In short, once we "confirm" wolves and mountain lions, we can say goodbye to our deer populations, moose, rabbit, etc. AND Maine residents will lose millions to livestock predation.

Don't help anyone out by "reporting" a lion or wolf sighting.
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I did write this !!!!

The current "rule" in the woods today is don't confirm they are here because not only will trapping cease inside the home ranges of the "protected" species....... but logging will cease as it would adversely effect their habitat......... big money up here is pushing to keep it under their collective hat..... well guys the tails sticking out and wagging!!
I suspect that's why the NE states maintain there are no Wolves or Cougars.

They're right there are no wolves or cougars in NE.
Thatta boys!
SSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH uuuuuuuussssshhhhhhhh..............
Is there a hidden message in the long SHUSH you gave. All those aiches and essess mixed in with U and I think you are trying to writer HSUS.
No hidden message ...especially about that crack addicted bunch of Cafe' latte' swilling yups......... Just wanted to Shush you before they all heard ya' over at the Us Forest Service and such. Some of 'em would love to close the Northwoods and make it another Pork-barrelled Park!!!!
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