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Worker Productivity Decreasing

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The "Hunter's Getting Itchy" topic in the Black Bear Blog made me think of a phone call I received last week from a long time friend. My friend called me and said he had been having a real hard time getting any work done because he's getting the hunting bug. I imagine most of us are starting to get it, I know I am.
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We've had a few coolish nights with fog on the lake in the morning. I've seen a few maple leaves turning red. I'm getting it too.
uh-huh, yuh. . . me too. Uh, almost speechless.....can't sleep, cool nights......traps have the first coat on 'em, ...

7 weeks till birds and bows!
Oh, man! You guys are pathetic. You mean to tell me that with the leaves beginning to show some color and the idea of a first frost with fog and cool mornings has got you thinking about hunting?
What about that definite smell that wafts the air of decaying foliage and cool damp earth? That same smell you get coming onto a fresh scrape for that big buck?
Can you picture the sound of a drumming patridge as they flush in the apple orchards? Or how about the smell of gun solvent and gun oil?

I don't know what you guys are talking about actually. But I am watching traffic at this forum and others. I'm checking my sales and advertising business. When those begin to quiver and head in the upward direction, I know two things for sure.

One, guys are seriously getting a bad twitch in the trigger finger and two, there is less work being done throughout much of America because good hard working people are checking in to the hunting forums several times a day.
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Gun solvent! Oh man....

The smell of leaves... oh yea...

Just the smell of my huntin' jacket drives me nuts.

I tell ya with these cool nights and morning I can't think straight. I haven't even been out shooting yet. Once I do that I don't think I will be any good to anybody.
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