Would you give 5.00 a year to stock ruffed grouse.

Discussion in 'Maine Hunting' started by aroostookbasser, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. How about a plan to raise and stock grouse when we have wet springs that reduce bird populations. This supplemental stocking would insure good hunting in the off years.

  2. I live just south of Augusta and I wouldn't pay any extra! I have plenty of birds because the wood cutters leave the brush when they cut down trees. Brushpiles are the "nursery" area for many critters but the big money paper companies take it all...chip everything and leave nothing. It's hard for something to grow on a bare rock!

    We pay for too much junk and our current leadership at IF&W wastes most of it. Three years ago our governor STOLE a few million dollers and then upped our fees. I won't pay another dime! Why would you hand your checkbook over to someone who can't balance it?
  3. i just dont hunt them
  4. I wouldn't mind more of them but I am not sure I would want money going to that first when it should be going towards other things. Like going towards me... 8)
  5. OK...did you know you can puchase grouse from a licensed breeder and that breeder can stock them for you? All that is needed is for a Warden to examin the site to ensure the birds can survive there. A permit will be granted and the Breeder would then be able to release the birds where desired? But you have to be the property owner or have written consent.
  6. I am seriously considering a lease of a hunting area North of Oakfield. On that land I am going to raise and release 30 to 40 partridge every year. Knowing that pen raised birds are not likely to survive the winter. But if any do they will bolster the natural population. These birds will be released at least a month ahead of hunting season. Allowing them to spread out and find food. Feeding stations will be placed under concealment and the birds can return to them should they need the feed.

    Is this stocking "unethical".........do to their tameness?
  7. Only if you find Bald Eagles having tame Partidge for breakfast,"unethical". :confused3: