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Would you kill a deer to feed the hungry?

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Food banks and pantries all over the state are looking for meat to give to the needy. Did you kill your deer(s) or moose...... and would you gift part or all to feed the hungry? If so please contact your nearest food pantry and or Catholic Charities of Maine to see where you can deliver it cut and wrapped. The hungry will thank will I.
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Just looking to see if we can get some meat to the hungry.
SG......sorry if I hurt your feelings along the way. But I see that you have a good heart ..... and are willing to help. Those who are needing it can't always let us know. So I want to share my good fortune with those who need some help. As you said..only a razor's edge from being there ourselves.
Working on the grassroots side of a national program.....Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry. Was curious as to how many out there would put their name on my hunters list. Maybe to later donate all or part of a kill to feed the needy.
Won't argue religion....... but hunger is everywhere.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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