Would you pay to shoot....how much?

Discussion in 'Gun Clubs' started by aroostookbasser, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. How many out there would would pay to shoot at a range? How Much?
  2. I pay thirty dollars a year.
    Thats the going rate at the gun club I belong to.

  3. I don't pay to shoot cause I don't have to. I'm not sure I'd live someplace I couldn't shoot on my own land.
  4. I would like to shoot on my own land but I don't have my own land... :lol:

    I could shoot up on my father inlaw's land. He owns 200 acres up in Sangerville so to shoot up there would take me at least an hour to get there one way.

    I would shoot at a range if it was close by. $30 per year sounds real reasonable.
  5. How about $5.00 per month? Indoor and outdoor facilities.....proshop.....reloaders benches for benchrest types. What would you want in a range?
  6. $5 per month sound reasonable too. It all depends on how often you shoot. My guess though, is people who pay $5 per month would come at least once per week minimum. I would try to go like on every Sunday afternoon. I think benches would be vital to your success. But that is a good question. Pro-shop would be real nice. I am not sure on the laws but selling extra rounds would be nice. Just having them there to purchase in case they run out.
  7. mornin all, I pay to shoot. Live in the sanford area and see most areas posted , so figured may as well join the local club. Cost 100 a year , but I go enough that I feel I get my moneys worth. I suppose it would be differnt if I had my own land , but ....
  8. Welcome RB !!!!!!! I think more and more will see they can get their monies worth if they join the right clubs.
  9. nope not me free range here....
  10. I do a little of both. I don't have the room for clays, so I have to go to a range. Looking into joining one next weekend...up in Harrison.