X marks the spot

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    Two dubbahs from Lewiston went up to Rangeley for a few days of fishing. They found room at the Rangeley Inn and the next morning went to this place that rented boats for fishing on Rangeley Lake.

    The two men rented one of the 50 or so row boats and paddled themselves out onto the lake in hopes to find some decent fishing. By mid-afternoon the two men had caught their limit of fish and decided they better head back toward shore. Suddenly one man says, "I sure wish we could remember this spot. We could come back tomorrow and catch more of the fish." "Well, that's easy enough," said the other. "Take this black magic marker and put a big "X" on the side of the boat to mark our spot." And so he did.

    When they got to shore and began to unload their gear, the first Frenchman said to the other, "What if we can't get the same boat tomorrow? We won't have that mark to know where we caught the fish!" "Don't worry," said the second man who was the wiser of the two. "I'll just mark all the boats with an "X"!"