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York Beach

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I spent the day with the kids at York beach today.
We had our best sand dollar collecting day ever, and the kids caught and released about 100 crabs.
It was a little chilly in the morning with the wind strait out of the north, and a thick haze covered the area. The sun did burn through the haze and I may loose a little skin because of it.
We ended the day at Browns with some icecream. I think they have the best in New England.
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When I was a kid my parents would take us to York Beach. Lot of good memories there. I haven't been through there in years.
I used to go to Old Orchard Beach from time to time. I liked searching for the sand dollars too. In Florida I used to collect sharks teeth and put them in a jar.

Everybody have a great 4th...

Wish Kenton6 a happy birthday too, his is on the 4th... :wink:
Going back out again today with the family. :D 8)
Cool! Yesterday was a fun day. We spent some time up on the lake with the inlaws. Did some swimming and kayaking. Should be going back up again today sometime.

We are celebrating one of my daughter's birthday today even though her real birthday is July 8th. She will be 2... :D

Day of grilling and sunshine..

Have fun Lil John...
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