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Your Feelings About the Allagash

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I am curious from our Maine contingient of readers what you think of what's going on with the revised management plan for the Allagash Wilderness Waterway.

A recap: The Bureau of Parks and Lands oversees the management of the waterway. They are attempting to draw up a revises plan for management. They wanted to close down some access points on the river.

John Martin, Senator from Eagle Lake, pushed through a bill in the Legislature to keeps six river crossings open and eases access to the river from the northern residents.

If you have read my blog at Blogging the Outdoors yet - - Martin and Rep. Jackson from Ft. Kent, took it upon themselves to open up the old Michaud Farm Road where the state had closed it in 2003 in the then new River Drivers Agreement.

Do you guys think access to the river is too difficult, okay, not enough? Are outsiders trying to take over northern Maine wilderness areas and work to exclude locals? Do you think Martin and Jackson were right in what they did? Is their actions going to affect all of Maine, including us hunters, trappers and fishermen? - for the better or the worse?

Now sound off.
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From John Martins past history, he does NOTHING unless he profits greatly from it! He is well known for "the shady deal".

Alligash? Never been, don't care to go, doesn't affect my life in any way. Here in Maine we have a thing called the "instant cellar hole" and it seems to still work today when folks from away piss off the locals.
Since I posted this thread, there have been 45 views and only one response. And all I read about is what a hot topic this entire Allagash thing is with people. I wonder what topics are hot topics with our readers.
As a follow-up to this story, should anyone care, Tim Caverly, former supervisor of the AWW is attempting to crucify John Martin in the press. I'm not sure he needs to do that. I think Martin can manage fine without him.

Martin attempted an apology in front of the Allagash Waterway Community Group of which he is a member. This is group put together by the governor.

Martin's partner in crime, Troy Jackson of Fort Kent said he had no regrets and if he had to do it over again he would.

There has to be someone else who has an opinion about the Allagash, Martin, Caverly, Jackson, Fort Kent, Maine, the Governor, the price of gas, sex or religion.
I guess I just don't understand what the big deal is? Is the Allagash going to suddenly be in danger of getting fished out because of this new "old" access road? The deer hunting in the area is extremely tough, and has been for years. I don't think that the Allagash waterway is in danger of becoming like the Saco river. If the LAND OWNERS gave them permission to do what they did I don't see any reason for people to get all upset over all of this.
I agree but the arguements come from the elitists who want to close off the river almost entirely. They sit in their AC offices and imagine these so-called "forever wild" waterways, which as defined through the federal government's wilderness label as have virtually no access. One way in and one way out basically.

Mainers want to be able to use the river as a resource as has been done through history for many many years.

What I am trying to do is to get people to understand that the longer we sit here quietly and let the flatlanders with the big money come in and grab our lands and shut the woods down, by the time we decide to speak up, it will be too late.

I have been laughed at, ridiculed and scourned in an attempt to wake up the dead but it is becoming obvious to me that not enough people care. This is why Maine has become a target for land grabbers, conservationists and anti-hunting/animal rights groups.
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It is just another ***/yuppie/pot-smoking, get drunk, get away area that a few people want to fight over how it should be used! Boats/no-boats, motors/no-motors, Atv's-I think not! Canoes ONLY! Don't cut a tree, they're sacred!

I look at that area like the rest of Maine. I PAID to run my boat in Maines waters, through registration-excise tax-sales tax-trailer registration, tax-tax-tax-get the picture?
I PAID the EXTRA tax called the "invasive speceis" sticker. (BS)
I PAID for the gas to get there (really, I never would).
I PAID to enter the north maine woods. (really, I never would)
And someone don't want me using MY BOAT because it makes an unnatural sound?

Well Mr non-paying canoe and/or kayack padler, non-paying yuppie hiker, health freak granola idjot from away,
I PAID and you didn't. Who should get to use the waterway?

Sorry Tom, felt like ranting. I just got back from the town office where I had to pay for my building permit, septic permit, plumbing permit, driveway permit, TV antenna permit, mailbox permit,wipe my backside permit and more!

We are taxed when we make it, taxed when we spend it, and taxed if we have anything left to save! Holyfreakinchriminey!
Baldacci has got to go!
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So basically the Flatlanders want Maine to be there playground and screw the Mainer's in the process. I wonder how many of these elitist have actually been to the Allagash?
It's easy to create the name Taxachussets, what about Maine?

Mainitax? Tainex? I just can't come up with one.

Geez Jack don't apologize for having an opinion. I'm trying to get one, some anything. I'll take whatever I can get.

We, meaning hunters, fishermen, boat owners, yada, yada, yada, pay all the fees and permits and the non-payers as Jack says ride for free, do the most bitching and complaining and make the most demands. Then our politicians buckle in to their every whim. I don't get it.

At least Martin had the balls to do SOMETHING! and Jackson said he had a good time.

We all sit here and do nothing. As Jack says, I'm taxed to death for my little camp, my taxes pay for the landfill and then to use it I got to pay a sticker, the list goes on, yet I can't do what I want with my camp until I pay this fee that fee, this tax that tax.

It's time for a revolution!!
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kenton6 said:
It's time for a revolution!!
Isn't that a song?
"we're gonna have a revolution, well ya know-we all want to change the world"
We can if Tom would stay in Maine and head up the Revolution Party! He's got my vote. As long as I get to straighten out IF&W, as Commissioner.
Oh, if I could rule the world!

Isn't that also a song?
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