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What is your thoughts on the state enacting on building a bear council to review the methods of harvest here in the state?
I thought it was a pretty crappy deal for us sportsmen as we beat the referendum in the last polls. I was told by a long time friend and trapping advocate a few years back that the anti's will get into every states natural resource divisions and have some pull. I thought this was a far fetched statement, but I am eating crow now. We fairly beat those opposing the methods of harvest here but now we are back fighting for our rights.
Now, we are losing our steel jawed traps for bear--whats next? :confused3:
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JP, not to sound like an old fart that I am, but this issue will never be over. The referendum was only the beginning. They thought they could beat it in one fell swoop but went away realizing that they took too much at one time. Now they are regrouping and will attack bear hunting one method at a time. They know that most Mainers are opposed to trapping bears. They will win this battle if it goes back to referendum - dogs are iffy and so is baiting. Not my feelings but I feel this is a good representation of Mainers.

As far as the committee to study methods used by trapping, I think for now this is a stall tactic to appease the antis. DIFW don't want to do it and have already said they don't have any money to do it.
Keep your eyes on the prize.....
........the tradition you save could be your own!!!!!!!

They will never stop.......we need a constitutional amendment to at least pull their teeth!!!!!! I am really tired of them chewing on my $#$%$%###.!!!!!
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